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RG+ Offers Technical Solutions for Vibration

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RG+ advises its customers on site and works out solutions to meet their needs

Wherever machinery is deployed, disruptive, damaging and sometimes even dangerous vibrations can result. Excessive noise, defective machinery or damage to the fabric of buildings are some examples of the common consequences of vibration. The costs resulting from this unnecessary damage or disturbance can sometimes be high. RG+ vibration dampers can prevent this happening in the first place.

RG+ products minimise all unwanted and impermissible vibrations from the start, leaving people, machinery, buildings and the environment protected. But not all vibration dampers are the same. A wide range of vibration technology products are available to meet the requirements of each application. Crucial for the selection of a product and for the degree of insulation it offers are the geometry, the material and the precise configuration of a vibration damper. That’s why we at RG+ Schwingungstechnik GmbH dedicate ourselves to developing, manufacturing and marketing nothing but the highest quality products and providing vibration technology solutions tailored precisely to the individual application. This of course covers a wide variety of technological applications. Our products can be found in such fields as ship technology, the construction of railbound vehicles, machine and plant construction and also power station and aerospace technology.

We’ve been active in the market since 1994 as specialists in developing, manufacturing and marketing vibration technology products. We know from experience that a solution can be found for any problem, no matter how special. That’s why individual consultation, above all consultation on site, is at the heart of our work. Precisely for that reason, we always collaborate with our customers to develop technical solutions tailored to the requirements of their applications and, where necessary, manufacture vibration technology products especially for them.  Besides on-site consultation, our RG+ service provision naturally includes all the activities relevant to vibration technology, such as vibration measurements or the calculation and design of elastic bearings. If you have problems with vibrations, we’re more than happy to help and support you with ideas and solutions.