RG+ Schwingungstechnik GmbH


Elastic all-metal-cushions made of stainless steel wire applying a special production technique, used as structural elements in round, rectangular and almost every other extraordinary shape or available as stud mounts.
Load range depending on the physical size ranging from 50 N to 150 kN. Optionally available in stainless steel, Monel™, Inconel™ and other materials.

  • Resistant to most oils, acids, alkaline solutions, lubricants as well as solvents.
  • Applicable up to 450°C, in special cases even more
  • Ageing resistance, progressive spring characteristic and high damping (resonant rise between 3 and 5) are further advantages of the all-metal-cushions
  • Damping cushions for the resilient suspension of gears, motors, generators, pipes, silencers, conveyor systems, laboratory equipment, pumps, electronic components and facades

The following geometric features are available by default:

GKK round shape

GKB round shape
with collar

GKR angular shape

GMP stud mount

Data sheets (PDF)

Due to a wide variety of design possibilities, generating customised solutions will be without difficulty.