RG+ Schwingungstechnik GmbH

Exhaust bellows

Double-walled stainless steel bellows of the series type Balance with extremely low spring rigidity in the axial direction for operating pressure of 2.5 bar and nominal width of 25 mm to 4,500 mm. With weld ends or flanges in St37 or stainless steel, on request available in a hinge-construction method, with single or multiple spring-deflection restraints. Other expansion joints available on request.

Wire rope isolators

Stainless steel rope isolators with low natural frequencies of up to 2.5 Hz possess a high ductility for shock absorption and above average friction damping. The wire rope isolators are break-proof and resistant to oil, petrol, saline solutions, fire, etc., and are absolutely maintenance-free.

For the resilient suspension of containers, aircraft board electronics, pumps, compressors, electrical switchgear cabinets, piping systems, seismic appliances, etc. Suitable for operation with extreme thermal stress.

Elastomer elements

Versatile elastomer elements for vibration and shock isolation, as well as for
structure-borne noise reduction. Load range between 2 N and 10 kN, depending on the size. Optionally available in chloroprene, natural rubber or highly damped silicone material (HDS).

Break-resistant construction units for the resilient suspension of equipment, instruments, ground-vehicle and watercraft motors, transmissions, driving seats, driver cabs, radiators, etc.

Sturdy elastomer elements with axial and radial resilience. For the resilient suspension of transport containers, air conditioners, electronic devices, laboratory instruments, pumps, electronic construction elements, etc.

Rubber expansion joints

The expansion joints, type SF-130 series, are made of high-quality butyl/EPDM rubber for cooling water, potable water, alkaline and saline solutions, etc., and are used as flexible connections within piping systems to neutralize axial and lateral movements caused by heat expansion

For operation pressure of up to16 bar and nominal diameter from 32 mm to 300 mm

Electroplated yellow-chrome flange using PN 10 or 16. Maximum temperature range of 10°C – 105°C (in exceptional cases up to 119°C). Certified by Lloyd’s Register.

Air spring elements

Uncontrolled – medium natural frequency of approximately 3 to 5 Hz. Elastomere pressure tanks made of chloroprene, reinforced with steel rings. Load range of 30 daN – 90 kN. For the resilient suspension of pumps, compressors, vibrators, air conditioners, motors, high speed presses, as well as sensitive equipment and instruments.

Level controlled – low natural frequency of approximately 0.8 to 3 Hz and high damping. Load range of up to 150 kN. For the resilient suspension of finishing machines, measuring and testing machines, vehicle test stands, as well as optical and electronic equipment.

Shock mounts

Cup elements made out of high-quality natural rubber according to DIN 95365 for the acoustic isolation of motors, pumps, compressors and aggregates.

In accordance with international shock calculation regulations, such as BV043, BV044 & BV 045, MIL 901 and STANAG with dynamic spring deflections up to 55 mm.

All cup elements are also available with stainless steel parts (standard = carbon steel) and on request also with high damping silicone (standard = natural rubber).