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Machine mounts

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Machine mounts

GMF series

Machine mounts type GMF series are used for the resilient suspension of turning, milling and drilling machines, automatic punching presses and packaging lines. The load range of the mounts reaches between 250 daN and 80 kN.

For the resilient suspension of large presses and constructional foundations, we developed a special production series based on all-metal-cushions, that complies with the specifications of most press manufacturers.
Dampers, assembled from separate production groups, fulfil the respective requirements concerning the carrying capacity as well as the insulation effect. Carrying capacities of up to 2000 kN per damper with a frequency range of 8 to 20 Hz are part of our standard program.

Data sheets (PDF)


GST series

Mounts type GST series are utilised when a vertical adjustment for the balancing of surface irregularities, or the exact alignment for the placement of a machine are needed.The load range of the mounts lies between 250 daN and 800 kN.



Levelling screws/bolts


Anti-slip mats
Base plates
Levelling screws / bolts