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What are our industries?

Shipbuilding and marine construcion

In the shipbuilding and maritime construction there is a huge field of applications to mount with vibration dampers of RG+ Schwingungstechnik. In yachts and passenger ships there is nothing more disturbing than noises caused by vibrations. In this case the use of vibration dampers reaches from the mounting of…

Rail-vehicle construction

There is nothing more disturbing for a passenger and a carrier of rail-vehicles than vibrations and noises caused by the interior of a train. To prevent your system against these vibrations you can use dampers of the series GBL and GDZ-( )-7, which are especially designed for small installation spaces. It is…

Mechanical and apparatus engineering

Vibrations are often caused through machines. They are disturbing for the whole environment. Especially in the field of mechanical and apparatus engineering vibration damper of RG+ offer protection against unwanted vibrations. Once installed under your machine, there is no further exchange or maintenance…

Plant and power engineering

It is equal if you have complete generator sets or you need to mount whole exhaust systems. Especially in the field of plant engineering your components often cause vibrations or are affected by them. With the use of vibration dampers you can protect these parts or the whole environment from unwanted vibrations.…

Looking for something else?

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