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In our multi-directional dampers of the GDZ series two all-metal cushions are installed. Depending on the assembly, these cushions are load with pressure or tension. Pressure-tension elements of the series 7 have another cushion obstructed which allows them to absorb load in horizontal direction additionally. Because of this, GDZ dampers are perfectly suitable for applications in the fields of plant engineering and rail vehicle construction.

Typical applications for this vibration dampers are:

  • heat exchanger, catalysts, silencer
  • boiler
  • piping-sections
  • tanks
  • transformators


Our product range includes three different types of these multi-directional dampers:

  • GDZ series 1 for a fixation with bolts for pressure and tension load
  • GDZ series 5 for a welding fixation for pressure and tension load
  • GDZ series 7 for a fixation with bolts for pressure, tension and horizontal load