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Who We Are

Founded in 1994 RG+ is dealing more than 25 years with the development, construction and distribution of anti-vibration machine mountings using stainless steel dampers.

Eleven employees, most of them in Bochum, are looking for the best all-metal-damping solution for your applications. With the background of all our experience we develop all-metal-dampers for those applications where elastomer elements are above their performance limit. Based in the heart of the ruhr-area our main distribution area is national, but the focus lies more and more on the international markets. Because of this we are working together with our partners in southern Europe or Scandinavia. Nevertheless your first contact is always with the technicians in our headquarter in Bochum.

Main facts of RG+:

  • Founded in 1994
  • 11 employees
  • Based in Bochum / ruhr-area
  • Main product: vibration dampers made of stainless-steel-wire.

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