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Mechanical and apparatus engineering

Machines often generate vibrations that affect the life and proper handling of the unit itself. Likewise, the environment in the form of the worker, as well as other machines can be disturbed. Thus, an application can severely disrupt the proper functioning of many other components.

Machine feet for tooling machines


In the field of machine and apparatus construction, our vibration dampers offer very great advantages. Once placed under your machine, no further replacement or maintenance is needed. Dead times due to replacement aren't realized.

Our machine feet of the GMF and GST series do not require any bolting. They are therefore the optimal solution for complete machine parcs. In addition to that, you also benefit from the constant mobility of your equipment. In the area of machine tools and the machining of your components, we offer elements of the GMF or GST type. These are available in the load range of 250 - 10,000 kg per vibration damper and have the advantage of compensating for unevenness in the floor through their integrated leveling function. Different hardnesses of the damping pads prevent the vibration dampers from sinking in too much, thus preventing inaccuracies during machining.

If bolting to the floor is required, elements of the GMF-()-4 series can also be installed. Just like vibration dampers of the GST series, these can also be used in the field of mechanical process engineering.