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Mechanical and apparatus engineering

Vibrations are often caused through machines. They are disturbing for the whole environment. Especially in the field of mechanical and apparatus engineering vibration damper of RG+ offer protection against unwanted vibrations. Once installed under your machine, there is no further exchange or maintenance necessary.

In addition to that you can retain the mobility of the whole machine park because most of our vibration dampers need no fixation to the ground. In this case you can benefit twice the way – your machines and the environment is protected against vibration and the mobility of your machines stay the same. In the fields of mechanical and apparatus engineering there are two main types of dampers which are especially convenient for your applications.

When you have machine tools, especially metal cutting machine tools, in this case vibration dampers of the series GMF or GST should be the first choice. These dampers are available in a load range from 250 until 7.000 kg. These dampers have an integrated levelling so you can compensate the unevenness of the floor with this adjustment. Depending on the asked frequency range we can build these elements with two or three cushions. In this case, the load range stays the same while the natural frequency of the dampers sinks.

If you need vibration dampers which needs to be fixed with the floor, you should use elements of the GDZ-series. These elements will be fixed with the floor and in addition to that they are save against demolition. Especially dampers of the series 1 and 7 are designed to fix your applications with the floor and decouple them from the environment.