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Plant and power engineering

It is equal if you have complete generator sets or you need to mount whole exhaust systems. Especially in the field of plant engineering your components often cause vibrations or are affected by them. With the use of vibration dampers you can protect these parts or the whole environment from unwanted vibrations. Spring isolators as well as multi-directional dampers of the series GDZ can be used in this application area.

The whole product range of generator sets is causing vibrations, which will be released to the environment. In these fields spring isolators of RG+ Schwingungstechnik provides help. Due to a precise adjustment of the frequency ratio of the natural frequency of the isolator and the forcing frequency of the application you can realize a very high degree of efficiency for the vibration isolation. But generator sets are not the only application this scenario applies to. Pumps or complete combined heat and power plants can be mounted with this spring isolators.

Another important part of plant engineering is the pipeline construction. In this case elements of the series GDZ can protect your systems from vibrations caused by the environment or the system itself. Some material damage caused by tensions can be prevented, especially when it comes to thermal expansion cause of high temperatures. In this case multi-directional dampers of RG+ are your first choice.