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Plant and power engineering

Whether for complete engine and transmission units or in the area of exhaust gas aftertreatment. In plant engineering or in the field of decentralized power generation, vibrations are often released. Vibration dampers can be used to protect the components.

Vibration dampers for heat exchanger, silencer and more


Generator sets of any size often cause vibrations which are emitted into the environment. A bearing arrangement by means of spring elements provides a remedy here. A very good isolation efficiency can be achieved by a correctly adjusted ratio between the natural frequency of the isolator and the forcing frequency of the machine. But not only generator sets can be supported by spring elements. Fans, pumps or complete chillers are further assemblies that can be decoupled from the environment by means of spring elements.

However, our vibration dampers show their strengths above all in the field of exhaust gas aftertreatment. Complete lines of pipes, silencers, heat exchangers or catalytic converters are successfully supported with vibration dampers from the GDZ series. They can be used as fixed or floating points. Especially in the high-temperature range, where thermal expansion must be taken into account, these elements show their advantages. For ceiling suspensions or as lateral stabilizers, additional weight bearing elements are useful.