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Rail-vehicle construction

Just as in shipbuilding, the aim is to achieve the quietest possible operation for passengers. To ensure this, RG+ Schwingungstechnik offers vibration dampers that eliminate the vibrations that occur in the smallest possible installation space and damp the radial forces that occur through targeted design.

Vibration dampers for tanks or transformators


The possible applications of our vibration dampers in the rail sector have changed over time. Whereas in the beginning only tank systems of diesel locomotives were mounted, our cushions are now becoming more and more popular. Their durability and freedom from maintenance in particular offer a major benefit for design engineers and maintenance technicians.

Our GBL type flange bearing connections are integrated directly into the respective suspensions. In this way, they offer a space-saving, yet effective solution in the area of vibration decoupling, especially in small installation spaces. Tank systems of many sizes, as well as air-conditioning units, are already successfully decoupled by means of these vibration dampers. Transformers, heat shields or fans as well. They are available in a load range of 15 - 2,000 kg per individual element. The sleeve installed in this element realizes a preload force which prevents lateral slipping by means of surface pressure. This surface pressure can be adjusted according to the radially applied force.

Multi-directional dampers of the GDZ series, in contrast to the elements of the GBL series, are mounted directly under the respective component. They are equipped with two cushions as standard. Impacts in the horizontal direction are damped and absorbed in a defined manner by a further lateral damping cushion installed in the element.