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Rail-vehicle construction

There is nothing more disturbing for a passenger and a carrier of rail-vehicles than vibrations and noises caused by the interior of a train. To prevent your system against these vibrations you can use dampers of the series GBL and GDZ-( )-7, which are especially designed for small installation spaces. It is equal if you want to mount a tank system, cooling unit or power transformer – with our elements involved in your suspension you can offer your passengers the best and quietest comfort available.

Our flange bearings of the series GBL need to be mounted directly in your suspension between application and the periphery. Because of this they offer your system the most space-saving vibration system combined with a very good vibration decoupling. Tank systems and cooling units in many different sizes are successfully decoupled with the help of these elements. Flange bearings are available in a load range from 35 up to 900 kg per element.

Vibration dampers of the series GDZ-( )-7 need to be installed as a machine feet. They will be fixed with the feet of the machine. Due to an additional damping cushion it is possible to handle horizontal forces as well as sloping shocks. Because of this they are suitable for the use in rail-vehicle constructions to handle the guidelines for shock resistance and demolition resistance in this field.