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Shipbuilding and marine construcion

In the shipbuilding and maritime construction there is a huge field of applications to mount with vibration dampers of RG+ Schwingungstechnik. In yachts and passenger ships there is nothing more disturbing than noises caused by vibrations. In this case the use of vibration dampers reaches from the mounting of jack houses to the decoupling of complete exhaust systems. Complete generator sets can be mounted with our elements, too. The complete scenario stays the same for applications on offshore platforms. Due to the aspect, that our dampers are completely designs of steel and especially stainless steel, they have a very high corrosion resistance. This aspect should make our dampers your first choice when you need to decouple your applications. Another main advantage is the resistance against demolition which is a main fact in ocean shipping.

Elements of the series GDZ are especially designed for the mounting of applications in the maritime industry. A decoupling of motors or gears is realized with elements of these type. Due to their compact design they are very space-saving and easy to handle combined with their resistance against demolition. This type of damper can be loaded with pressure in normal use or tension by hanging them under the roof. The operation mode stays the same. In addition to that you can realize fix points or sliding points with this elements.

The second type of standard damper for maritime applications is the element of the series GAB. Different to the GDZ, elements of the series GAB are designed to stabilize piping systems. They will connected directly with the periphery of the ships and have the main advantage, that they are free of length. This means, we can completely design these elements for your special application, when the standard product range doesn’t work. In addition to that, most of the GAB elements can be produced in stainless steel completely to handle the corrosive conditions especially in ocean shipping.