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Shipbuilding and marine construcion

In shipbuilding, the applications for vibration dampers are many and varied. In yacht or passenger ship construction, the aim is to minimize noise caused by vibrations that may enter the passenger compartments. Damping pads made of stainless steel wire are also installed in the field of offshore installations. The reason here is relatively simple - their corrosion resistance.

Vibration dampers for complete exhaust systems


The application area of our products in shipbuilding ranges from the mounting of control stations to the decoupling of entire exhaust gas lines. Our dampers can also be used to support engine units or gearboxes. The same applies to all the components described above in the field of offshore plants. As our dampers are largely made of steel and our damping cushions of stainless steel, they offer very good corrosion resistance. This makes them the first choice in the maritime environment. Breakaway protection required in the maritime sector is also guaranteed.

Elements of the GDZ series are particularly suitable for the mounting of individual machine components. Decoupling of engines or gearbox units takes place with the aid of these elements. Due to their construction, they offer a compact and space-saving design. Their breakaway resistance means constant and safe operation even under adverse conditions at sea. These vibration dampers can be used as fixed or loose points for supporting exhaust systems. Whether they are subjected to compressive, tensile or overhead loads in this case does not reduce the functionality of the GDZ. In addition to the standard KTL coating, a seawater-resistant coating can also be applied. In addition to the standard 1.4404 material used here, this provides increased protection against corrosion.

Elements of the GAB series are the second standard elements in the field of shipbuilding. While GDZ are mainly used for bearing, the field of application of GAB vibration dampers can be found in particular in the stabilization of exhaust or pipe systems. They are connected directly to the ship's periphery and offer the great advantage that their length can be individually adapted. Here, we also offer the option of manufacturing the elements completely in stainless steel, thus adapting them even better to the corrosive conditions of maritime shipping.