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Why you should use vibration dampers?

There is hardly anything more unpleasant than disturbing vibrations caused by machines. Released into the environment, these can disturb your employees and damage your other machines. Vibration dampers solve these problems.

Advantages of all-metal vibration dampers

Very long lifetime, no maintenance and an easy handling – our dampers are the perfect solution for your assembler, maintenance engineer and your purchasing department. Once installed our vibration dampers are maintenance free and have a lifetime often higher than your machine itself. Any exchange as you know it by using elastomer dampers is not necessary. In addition to that vibration dampers fitted with stainless steel damping cushions realize a half-parabolic load deflection curve which results in a calm stand when it comes to high dynamic overloads.

And these are not the only advantages of all-metal-dampers made of stainless steel. Their resistance against corrosion, low and high temperatures, just as their resistance against oils, bases or acids lay the foundation for their use e.g. in plant engineering or vehicle construction. Because of this many huge plant manufacturers of the chemical or pharma sector are planning with elements of RG+. In the rail-vehicle construction flange bearing are often used by the constructors to decouple their assembly groups.

  • Compact design saves construction space
  • Long lifetime saves down times and annoying exchange
  • Half-parabolic load-deflection curve enables a calm stand in case of dynamic overload
  • Constant mode of operation at high and low temperatures
  • Resistance against e.g. oils, bases, acids, corrosion
Anti-vibration componentmounting in mechanical and plant engineering

The most important points for mounting by means of vibration dampers at a glance...

Anti-vibration componentmounting in (rail-) vehicle construction

The most important points for mounting by means of vibration dampers at a glance...

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