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After an exhibition is before an exhibition

After the last two years, we are looking forward to welcome you at face-to-face events. The trade show season has already started.

On June 22nd and 23rd we had the pleasure to welcome you at “Solids”, the exhibition for bulk solids and mechanical process engineering. In combination with “Pumps & Valves” and “Recycling Technology”, this event was predestined for our products. The conversations and the exchange with you at our booth were very interesting and informative.


Two more events to come in 2022

Now it's time to plan the next two events this year. These could hardly be more different in terms of their main topics. With Innotrans in September, we are looking forward to the international trade fair for rail and transport technology. The focus of this exhibtion will be primarily on our metal cushions and collar bearing connections. They serve as vibration dampers for powerpacks, cooling units or tank systems. Energy Decentral in November is the leading trade show for decentralized energy supply. In the field of decentralized plant engineering anti vibration elements of the GDZ series or spring isolators are the main subjects. They serve as vibration dampers for silencers, heat exchangers or for vibration isolation of CHP modules.


Our following exhibtions at a glance:

  • Innotrans in Berlin - The world's leading trade fair for rail transport from 20-23.9.2022
  • Energy Decentral in Hannover - The trade fair for decentralized energy generation from 15.-18.11.2022


You are welcome to inform yourself in advance by means of our whitepapers

If you have any questions in advance, please feel free to use our white papers. These are dedicated to the topics of vibration decoupling component mounting in rail vehicle construction and vibration decoupling component mounting in mechanical and plant engineering.